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Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research
Dr Emily Shuckburgh is a climate scientist and co-leads the Polar Oceans division at British Antarctic Survey, which is focused on understanding the role of the polar oceans in the global climate system.

She is also a fellow of Darwin College, a member of the Faculty of Mathematics, an associate of the Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research, an associate fellow of the Centre for Science and Policy, a member of the Cambridge Forum for Sustainability and the Environment, all at the University of Cambridge.

In the past she has worked at Ecole Normal Superieure in Paris and at MIT. She is a fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society and Chair of their Climate Science Communications Group, a trustee of the Campaign for Science and Engineering and a member of the Scientific Steering Committee of the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences. She is a member of the Natural Environment Research Council's Strategic Programme Advisory Group and has acted as a scientific advisor to the UK Government.