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Chancellor's Fellow in Energy, The University of Edinburgh

Geo-energy applications such as hydrogen storage, carbon capture and storage, the development of unconventional hydrocarbons, nuclear waste management, mining, energy storage and geothermal operations all have an impact on the subsurface. Consequently, advanced understanding of sub-surface containment within natural and engineered systems is vital for the sustainable management of the subsurface and its resources. There are significant research and technology developments required for sub-surface containment assurance, and my research has an important role to play in managing and mitigating the risks of subsurface geo-energy related operations.

I have developed the Applied Geoscience Laboratory which aims to advance and transform the understanding of subsurface characterisation, containment and multiphase reactive transport flow, through cutting-edge experiments benchmarked against numerical models to create real-world solutions to energy supply and water resource management in a responsible and sustainable way. My original evidence-based research adopts a cross-disciplinary approach which has included international collaborations with applications in a number of diverse fields that has given me a wide-ranging and expanding research portfolio in the areas of: subsurface energy storage; carbon capture and storage; unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs; water management; environmental monitoring & mitigation and subsurface risk assessment.

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